As we head towards a brand new yearn it’s important you plan the steps you will take to succeed!

It doesn’t matter how much a loving member of your family tells you that you can do something, if you don’t believe it then you will stumble time and time again and fail to achieve what you have always wanted to.

Consider the example of Walt Disney.

Here was a man who had great ideas about what he wanted to achieve. He envisioned The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World long before it was created. In his mind he could see what it would look like, how successful it would be and how beloved by children around the globe this magical land could become.

Walt Disney didn’t live to see the opening of his first theme park, but he saw it in his mind and this is where every story of success starts. Walt Disney’s theme parks are as popular today as the day they launched, but without the visualisation of success from one man this would not be the case. If Walt Disney had chosen to dwell on the negatives then the world would likely be deprived of these theme parks today.

But what does that mean for you?

Well the same logic can be applied to your own business, whether that business already exists or is simply an idea at present. Your mindset will determine how successful your business can be, and by visualising that success right now, at the outset, you increase the likelihood of it happening. What is it you want to achieve? Financial freedom? Being your own boss? Imagine it!

How will it feel when you achieve it?

Let a smile creep onto your lips as you imagine yourself at home, working the hours that you choose to set, having the freedom to pick the kids up from school, working to establish the success of your own business and not another’s.

Thinking it is the first step toward seeing it happen, so don’t feel afraid to think of what success will look like.

Of course, it’s not just about visualising success within your business; you’ll also need to master the part of your brain that is determined to make life difficult for itself with its negativity. You need to be full to the brim with self-confidence, with motivation and with passion for your business. You need to believe in what you’re doing, and to reiterate it time and time again even through the difficult times until your subconscious starts to believe it too.

This is the mindset of success, and once it has permeated your mind you will find yourself much more able to take action, to have enough energy to face the days and even to spot great business deals that you might otherwise have missed. Your every waking thought will be tuned toward the success that you have visualised, and the success that you have trained your mind to believe in.

You will feel empowered and you will feel enthused. Instead of struggling to find the motivation to sit beside your computer to start tracking down stock or creating product descriptions, you’ll look forward to it and be determined to increase your productivity and your profits.

That’s all well and good to say of course, but how can you actually achieve it? How can you train your subconscious to think success rather than failure?

Think of your brain as just another muscle. Just as you need to exercise in order to strengthen the muscles within your body, so you need to exercise your mind in order to strengthen the success mindset. If you’re struggling to do that then try putting the following three steps into practice.

Step 1 – Visualise Your Success

We’ve already talked about it and now it’s time to do it. Why not start every day with just a couple of minutes of imagining what your success would look and feel like? Some people are reluctant to do this, feeling that it undermines the situation that they are currently in or sets them up to fail with a situation that can’t possibly be as good as the version created in the mind, but remember the point from earlier, before success can be realised it must be visualised.

If you don’t visualise your success how can you work towards it?

Step 2 – Get Rid of Your Mental Barriers

We all have mental barriers that prevent us from achieving our goals. It could be a fear of failure, or a fear of being judged by those around us. Sometimes it can even be a fear of success! The question of what happens next might rear its ugly head and keep you from pushing your business to the next level where the workload and responsibility will be greater.

The different fears and barriers that rear their ugly heads will never really go away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them. Identify any fears that you might have and, instead of dwelling on them concentrate on those positive feelings associated with your mental picture of success. The more you can do this, the more it will become second nature to start thinking of the positives even when a negative thought sparks in your imagination.

Step 3 – Put a Plan in Place

One thing that can really help with your success mindset is to put a plan in place to help you to achieve it. Identify some of the goals that will help you to reach that eventual success, write them down and start to work toward fulfilling them. There’s something incredibly motivational about ticking items off a list that you know is carrying you on the path toward success.

Each time you struggle with a negative thought you can simply pull out your list of goals and look at all that you’ve already achieved, it might be just what you need to keep stepping toward your dreams.