The power to succeed is in your hands, no-one else’s. Here’s how to think positive… and start achieving!

So – no sooner do I mention what terrible weather we’ve been having, when miraculously the sun comes out from it’s hiding place, temperatures soar, we find ourselves in the grip of a very welcome heatwave and to top it all Andy Murray only goes and wins the Men’s Wimbledon Singles final.

What more can we possibly ask for?!

Even if you are not a big tennis fan, this was a match that really was a ‘must-see’. Not only because it was always likely to be a great game and because it’s a piece of history – after all the title hasn’t been taken by a British male player for 77 years – but because I believe that Andy Murray is a man of grit and determination. A man who has been on a mission for the last few years and whose goal was to win that title. And now finally he has done it which, to use a very well known cliché, proves that ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’

And this is something that you should apply to your own circumstances.

We all have aims, goals and dreams both in our personal lives and in business – so what’s stopping us going out and making them happen like Andy has done? Well mainly it’s a fear of failure – being so afraid of failing at something that in fact you decide not to try it at all! And this can result in you missing a great opportunity. This fear is actually something that is within most of us naturally – but it can be overcome by some positive thinking, determination and a belief in yourself.

A positive mindset is vitally important for you to achieve the things you want and deserve and that’s why my ‘Motivational Corner’ over at The Source Report is proving a popular area for members to visit for tips on goal setting, positive thoughts and to read success stories from others who have overcome their fears.

But to get you motivated right now, here are some important steps you can take to start your positive journey towards your goal.

Identify your goals

  • What do you want to achieve? And is it really so frightening that you are like a rabbit in the headlights, too terrified to move forwards? It might feel like that – but how will you really know whether your goal is achievable if you don’t try?
  • Written down, our goals and dreams become more tangible and a lot less frightening than something that is simply swimming around inside your head. So write down exactly what you want and how you are going to achieve this in a clear manner and then…

Simplify your tasks

  • Don’t be overwhelmed! Split things into bite-sized chunks which will immediately make things much less scary. Personally I am a great one for lists (which drives my husband mad) and I have a list beside me everyday – it’s how I work best. Once things are written down in a series of small tasks they are much easier to deal with and actually get done – plus there’s the satisfaction you’ll feel when you cross each task off that list. Even if you are not normally a ‘list-writer’ – try it and see.

Shift your mindset to positive

  • Stop thinking you can’t do something. Tell yourself you can and then do it. If you get it wrong simply put it down to experience and try again. No-one gets anywhere without pushing forward with a positive mindset. If everyone was perfect and got everything right first time, what a very boring world we would inhabit! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – because in fact the more mistakes you make, the more you will learn and the higher you will achieve. Tell yourself you can achieve your goal because this is a step to overcoming your fear.

Imagine your future

  • It’s easy to think about the future in a ‘what if’ negative kind of way. For example, what if this goes wrong, or what if that doesn’t work, or what if this happens. But ‘what if’ you turn that around to a positive: what if I do this and it all goes well and it does work! What if I do this and I achieve this…and so on.
  • Imagine how you will feel when you succeed. Imagine how your life will be so much better. Imagine the other things you will be able to do once you have reached your first goal and move on to the next one.

Take action

  • This is the important part. Don’t just think about it. Actually do it. What have you really got to lose? If you do happen to fail the first time, no-one will be sniggering at you or pointing the finger. They will admire you and respect you for trying. If we all gave up or didn’t try in the first place nothing positive would ever happen.

So think about your goals, write them down, split them up into easily achievable bits, think positive and then go out there and try. It might sound like a load of old mumbo-jumbo but the power to succeed is in your mind and in your hands – no-one else’s….