How one little email can set off a positive chain of events from which you will ultimately benefit…

Each week I try and come up with a topic that I think will benefit you, so, I was delighted when browsing the Daily Mail online I came across this brilliantly written article I thought I’d share with you because not only is it a pleasant read but it also ties in with you and your online business as well.

The article in question is all about communication and the fact that these days telephone calls, emails I totally agree with the author who highlights that it seems beyond sense that, in this day and age with our huge array of technical gadgets to make communicating quicker and easier – mobile phones, smart phones, iPads, Netbooks – the ‘No Response’ phenomenon is actually worse than ever.

My argument for communication

It’s surely a simple courtesy to respond to an email, telephone call or text message whether in business or pleasure? Or am I missing something here?

Those who know me will know that I always answer every email that lands in my inbox – frustratingly, I am one of those people who cannot ignore communication – whoever it may be from and however busy I am – which can be a good thing but also a bad thing!

I’m one of those people that writes a ‘thank you’ letter then feels that I should thank the person who thanked me for sending the thank you letter in the first place! I’m one of those people who isn’t sure when a text conversation should officially come to an end – can you just abruptly leave a text conversation hanging? I don’t like that – it’s not finished – it hasn’t reached its natural conclusion!

Now I’m aware that this is probably coming across as a bit OCD! I prefer to think of it as OCC though – Obsessive Compulsive Courtesy. Courtesy costs nothing and it doesn’t take long to acknowledge an email or text or make a quick return phone call. I appreciate that you are busy – we all are – but most of us aren’t receiving so many thousands of emails and phone calls in a day that we can’t respond within a couple of days surely?

I’m not saying that you should respond the minute an email lands in your inbox – like Dr Anthony Seldon. He’s the headmaster of the prestigious Wellington College in Berkshire, and is known to reply to an email within five minutes of it arriving! I think sometimes I come a close second to Dr Seldon!

And I know that sometimes it is really tempting to hit the delete button and move on. But then the guilt – oh the guilt! My finger is hovering and I start thinking, what if that had been me that sent that email and the recipient had deleted it. I’d be sat waiting for my answer – an answer that would never come.

And how would I feel? Disappointed? Let down? Upset? Probably.

Would I get over it?

Of course I would!

But it’s all about striking a balance. It’s about managing expectations too. And this applies to your eBay or any other online business – see I told you my ramblings would be beneficial to you in the end!

Good, prompt customer service costs nothing

You want satisfied customers, positive feedback comments, good testimonials, recommendations and repeat custom and you will get those things if you make sure your service is up to scratch.

We are all busy but with a little bit of time management, you can ensure you have time each day to answer your emails, respond to eBay questions and so on, so that no-one is disappointed. And this can quite easily lead to more sales too – if you answer that eBay message promptly the potential buyer is more likely to become a definite buyer because you’ve shown good service and you have – hopefully – given the correct answer to their query. Following that they will leave good positive feedback and they may even tell their friends! It’s a chain reaction that starts from one simple action – answering one small email!

Seriously that’s all it takes and that’s what courtesy is. Why don’t you try it this week. I guarantee it will make you feel good (pure and efficient!) and you’ll have no disappointed potential customers.

And if you would like to read the original article, here it is.

As always I wish you the very best of success,