Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every single year! But, it isn’t just the high street that should be paying heed to the Christmas season in advance of December the 25th as you can also expect to see your online profits start to soar as people scramble to find that perfect present.

You need to get your eBay store ready for the Christmas rush now. I’m going to offer you some tips that have worked for me and that could be the difference between a minor increase in profit and a significantly noticeable income boost to you.

How Soon Is Too Soon?

When does Christmas start? When do your prospective buyers go from being annoyed (like me!) at seeing references to Christmas far too early, to happy to receive ideas for gifts to their loved ones?

Understanding how soon is too soon is fundamental to your eBay success at this festive time of year. Of course, this isn’t an exact science, as each individual person visiting your listings will have their own opinion as to when they should be doing their Christmas shopping.

However in my experience as an online seller, I would say that the noticeable rush begins approximately six weeks before Christmas and lasts literally until the last day for guaranteed delivery before the big day itself. Even after that I’ve often received emails from customers asking if I can guarantee delivery even though they are buying 2 days before Christmas. So, it might be… Continue reading the article here