This is perhaps one of  the most common question that I get asked – what do I sell? As you start to grow and develop your online selling business you’ll undoubtedly work through a long list of different items that have made you money at different times. The products that people want constantly change and adapt depending on their circumstances and what’s currently available for them at what price. You can tap into this by coming up with the right products at the right time.

Right now though, let me tell you that finding the right products to sell is not some sort of magic.  All you need to do is find a niche market, and then find the product within it that will sell successfully for you.

Let’s consider an example. Items that fall within the area of pest control always tend to sell successfully online, getting rid of the bugs or ants or rodents or flies that have made residence in our homes is a real problem, and having a product that meets a real need is always a successful strategy. Within this niche however, and even within a sub-section of it such as ‘Fly Killers’ there are many different products:


These fly swatters definitely fall within the niche of fly killing, and with a very respectable 135 units sold are successful on the ebay website. Selling at just £2.95 with free postage however, means that the profit margin on this particular product is very small. If you could source the stock and pay for the postage plus relevant fees for a total of £1.95, that’d leave you with just £1 profit per item, not much really:


Compare the fly swatter to this electric fly killer. Retailing at a Buy it Now price of £24.99 means there is a lot more room for profit here, and with 1,368 items sold this could be a much more profitable product to sell within the same niche.

This is just a quick example for you. At this point just remember that making the most money with your sales isn’t about picking any old product, it’s about finding what sells successfully and discovering what could make you the most profit per sale.