How one creative idea can turn into a massive money-spinner…

Are you one of those people who like to do things by the book? Or are you one of those people who like to be a bit quirky: to add a twist? Someone capable of thinking outside the box, someone prepared to make a go of something just a little bit different?

In short, are you someone who is not afraid to try something new?

I’m asking because I recently received a rather interesting email from one of my readers who, through sheer ingenuity, has managed to capitalise on the economic downturn with this online business opportunity.

Make a tidy extra income from this online business opportunity

I’m going to pass you over to Paul, the brains behind the idea, to explain…

“By pure chance I found a market and a product that people were looking for in times of economic hardship…

A neighbour of mine works as a surveyor and one day, he was on a site and noticed a UPVC door thrown in a skip.

Having sold different items on eBay before he thought there was a chance that he might make some money from the door by salvaging and listing it on the site.

I must mention that this door was in no way new. It was in fact absolute rubbish! It needed new locks and hinges and the UPVC was not too good either. Still, we thought it might make around £20 to £30.

So, with nothing to lose, we listed it…

Fast-forward to the end of the auction: this door actually sold for £140! Yes, £140 for a second-hand item straight out of a skip!

When we asked the winning buyer why he had bid so high, he told us that he owned a rented property and that a brand new door would have cost him between £800 and £1000. By buying second-hand and paying for new ironwork and to have it fitted the total cost to him was only £340: £450 less than a new door!

Hearing this gave me an idea…

I contacted a couple of my mates who own double glazing companies and offered them a 50/50 deal on any sales I made from old doors that they had removed and could supply to me – remember these were originally destined for the skip!

As you can imagine they were a bit sceptical, but then they realised they had nothing to lose. So, on future jobs they carefully removed old French, Patio, front and back doors and I listed them on eBay.

I sold the first lot of French doors for around £250 and guess what? This happens every time! It’s the same with windows, which often sell for around £60.

I couldn’t believe that such a simple idea could be so lucrative and I had no idea that used windows and doors were in such demand. But it makes sense really – landlords want to make savings and when you pay someone for items they are literally throwing away, the incentive is there for them to find more to sell which gives you a steady supply of stock.

I found a local man and a van, (or I use Pallet Line) for deliveries so everything is pretty straightforward.

Most of the doors I sell go into rented properties where the landlords want to save money so there’s plenty of opportunity here in all areas. A typical set of new French doors costs around £1,200 including fitting, so by buying from me at say £300 and then paying a tradesman £200 to fit, landlords are making a real saving.”

Thanks Paul.

I think this is an absolutely ingenious idea and all it took was one bright idea, a little bit of courage to approach the firms who could help and faith that it would work.

Here’s an example of an item that Paul has sold recently:

£56 for a used window. Wow!

I’m certain that if you copied Paul’s idea, contacted some local double glazing companies and made them an offer they would be delighted to try this business opportunity in partnership with you – after all, we’re talking about stuff that would otherwise just be thrown away.

They will save on their skipping costs (normally around £200) and actually make money from unwanted items. Everybody wins.

The sky’s the limit with this creative idea. You could even set up your own website as well as selling on eBay. And you don’t have to stop at UPVC doors and windows either. What about other building or household materials?

* Taps

* Door Furniture

* Roof Tiles

* Flooring

* Fireplaces and Radiators

Don’t be put off by the weight of these items, as Paul mentioned, Palletline can be used for deliveries or you can find your own ‘Man with a Van’.

You will of course need somewhere to store these items, although you could strike a deal with the companies you partner with whereby they store the items until you have sold them.

Then it’s just a case of visiting their premises, packing the item up and arranging delivery (or a local pick-up if the buyer is within your area).

And, of course, this is all very environmentally friendly! It’s just like running your own salvage yard but online – how very 21st century!

There is enormous potential here to start the kind of business where you will always have a steady stream of products to sell and the beauty is you don’t have to stick to one supplier; if there are three or four double glazing companies in your area contact them all.

All it takes is the desire to do this and you’re set!

It’s called taking the initiative and not being scared to do your own thing. You create a unique business, on your own terms and sell as much or as little as you wish. It’s flexible, simple to get started and, I think, one of the most promising business opportunities I’ve seen recently.

So, don’t be afraid to be creative and think up something new. All it takes is one ‘light-bulb’ moment as Paul has shown. Try it for yourself!

As always I wish you the very best of success,