Did you know that your product descriptions are vital to your success?

My inbox is a pretty lively place as you can imagine! I receive many requests for help and advice on a daily basis and strangely, the topics I’m asked to help with often appear to follow a bit of a theme.

For example, just recently the theme has been product listings – mostly how to write an effective title and description that actually results in page views and importantly, sales.

So, I felt it would be a sensible idea to offer you some guidelines via my weekly eletter so that you can practice getting really good at creating product descriptions and ultimately give your online business a bit of a boost.

For starters though, I have to say that I was actually quite shocked by the number of people who felt that their product descriptions simply aren’t that important, and I can’t help but feel that this is the biggest reason their sales are not as buoyant as they would like.

So, let me reiterate. Your product description is vital! It could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product.

Your product description is an advertisement

Think of it like this. Your product title is there to ensure your items get ranked in the search results – on venues such as eBay or Amazon, but also in Google searches. And we all know about the importance of being found in Google searches don’t we?

Then, your product description is there to tell potential buyers exactly what they need to know in an easy to understand, informative manner whilst subtly persuading them that they really, really need your product.

Without making it too obvious, you should be whipping your viewers up in to a complete frenzy so that they are hugely excited about your product just by reading your description. Then, by the time they have reached the end of your description, they just can’t help themselves – they will need to buy your product – right now.

It is rare that someone will buy anything without first knowing something about it, so it’s very important to choose your words carefully and use your powers of persuasion in every description you write. You must persuade people to buy from you whether you have competition for your product or not. Even if you have no competition, you still must convince someone to purchase your product and the only sure-fire way to do this is with solid, persuasive descriptions and by putting yourself in the shoes of your buyer.

I’m talking details here:

The brand (if there is one), the condition, dimensions, age, spec, if it’s new or used, colour and size.

The use of ‘power triggers’ – words that subconsciously make people want to buy.

The features and benefits of your product are vital. Bullet point them so they’re easy to ‘scan read’ with the most important points first and last and you’re on the home straight when it comes to securing that purchase.

The trick is to combine all the ‘must know’ information about your product with the other details whilst at the same time making your listing interesting and personal, not to mention ensuring it’s search engine friendly!

If this sounds complicated, please don’t worry. 

Imagine you are the buyer. As a potential buyer, think about what you might want to know about the product. If you were paying £10 or £20 or £200 for this item, what will you get out of it? This is exactly what your reader needs to know. You need to explore the benefits of your product – think about what’s in it for the buyer and transfer that in to your description.

Ultimately, if you can get in to this kind of thought process, it will lead to you writing a better listing and so you will achieve higher sales.

If you think that your products will sell themselves – they won’t. 

Products don’t have any kind of value until you connect them to your customers’ in some way and to do this you need to identify your customers’ needs and desires. Be aware of the connections between products and needs and then write your description to take advantage of that. Do this and you will become a master description writer! There really is no advantage to anyone – seller or buyer – in chucking up a listing with no information in it.

Still sounds a little complicated? 

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