10 products with online selling potential right now!

This week is ‘National Gardening Week’, the country’s biggest celebration of gardening! It runs until Sunday with special events taking place around the country so if you’re green-fingered and fancy a day out this weekend you can see what’s planned near you here

So, as gardening was in the news, I decided to spend an hour doing a little extra research on eBay into the ‘gardening niche’.

I’ve recently researched this niche thoroughly and created a special exclusive report for my Source Report  members, but now seemed the perfect moment to see whether any interesting new products have popped up on the scene, and this time I thought I’d share a selection of my findings with my eletter readers.

Gardening is a pastime that many people enjoy regularly

This means there is massive online selling potential due to the huge market. There are also lots of smaller sub-niches within the main gardening niche, so plenty to investigate further.

For example, let’s imagine that you really enjoy gardening – you are good at nurturing plants, knowledgeable about different flowers, shrubs and trees and your friends know that if they need any kind of gardening advice, you’re the one to call! In this case, you could consider researching and selling in a specific sub-niche within ‘gardening’ and that might be ‘Plants / Seeds / Bulbs’.

Or, perhaps you regularly use a particular tool that makes all your gardening tasks so much easier. In this case you could consider researching and selling in the ‘Hand Tools & Equipment’ sub-niche.

Or maybe you are particularly creative with an eye for design and have great ideas for displays of flowers. You could use this knowledge to sell within the ‘Pots / Window Boxes / Baskets’ sub-niche.

Remember though that whichever area you may be knowledgeable in, it’s important that you uncover what’s actually selling and then combine your skills and knowledge with the proper research into relevant products to enable you to decide exactly what to sell within your chosen sub-niche.

So, what’s up and coming in the gardening niche right now. I’ve chosen three sub-niches as examples to give you an overview of some facts and figures and to get you thinking about potential products that you could research further if this is a niche that interests you.

The first niche is ‘Barbecuing’

Portable barbecues are the perfect solution for those with small outdoor spaces and of course for camping trips and picnics. More than 52 people per day are viewing a ‘Portable Barbecue Grill’ from just one seller and sales are averaging around 11 per day at £9.99.

Barbecue covers are also on the up – one seller on eBay recently sold 12 in various sizes in just one day at a minimum price of £17.99 each.

A ‘Deluxe 32 Piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Utensil Set’ is also averaging around 2 views per hour and 3 sales per day right now.

Finally, in this niche, a quirky, yet useful product solves the problem of burnt fingers and hours spent trying to light your coals! A ‘Charcoal Starter Kit’ (a cylindrical contraption that allows you to light your barbecue coals easily) is selling at a rate of up to 4 per day at £7.95.

Next, ‘Garden Lighting’

By digging deep into further sub-niches I spotted a great product! A ‘Solar Powered LED garden Bottle Light’. It’s a solar powered light shaped like a bottle! These are selling steadily – on average 4 per day and one listing in particular has gained 11 watchers in the past 24 hours.

‘Hanging Lantern String Lights’ are also gaining in popularity in this sub-niche. One seller I researched had also gained 11 watchers in the past 24 hours and is selling these at a rate of 3 sets per day at £14.99 per set. Everyone likes a pretty garden in the spring and summer, so now is the perfect time to research these further.

Or how about ‘Colour Changing Fibre Optic Patio Lights’. Sets of 3 are selling at around £8.99. Several sellers are listing these currently and making sales of around 4 sets per day.

Finally the ‘Pots / Window Boxes / Baskets’ niche

Artificial topiary is on trend! From my research, ‘Artificial Purple Lavender Hanging Topiary Balls’ are very popular selling at around £19.99 on eBay. Sellers of these are regularly selling 4 per day.

Or how about ‘Garden Balcony Metal Flower Planters’ in ‘colour pop’ colours. These are easy to store, pack and post and brighten up any balcony. One eBay seller has sold 11 sets in 24 hours at £15.99.

And lastly, ‘Multi Coloured Plastic Plant Pots’. These are cute little planters that can be used on patios, on garden furniture or on windowsills. One eBay seller is selling these in packs of various quantities and choices of colours at prices ranging from £4.75 to £19.95.

So, there you have 10 products, gleaned from an hour or so’s research on eBay, that are potentially worth you pursuing further. All of these products are increasing in sales daily and have huge sales potential over the coming months so your next step is to research the ones that interest you further and start narrowing down potential suppliers.

Don’t forget to do your supplier research thoroughly and order a sample of the product before you go ahead with a test order. Good luck!