“I can’t start a business because I just don’t have any capital.”

Is this you?

This is a very frequent, and perfectly valid, worry for many people, and I have heard it said many, many times. Whilst a huge proportion of people harbour dreams of starting their own business, in the real world, very few people actually turn their dream into reality; and one of the reasons for this is the issue of start-up capital – or lack of it!

What people don’t realise is that there is available money sitting on the table ready to be used for this very cause…and it can be accessed quickly!

I want to share with you a method that you can use immediately in order to generate your initial capital or ‘seed money’ which in turn will allow you to invest in your business.

By putting into practice a very simple idea, you could have some decent capital for purchasing your much needed first batch of stock in no time at all.

You really can start an online business from zero!

What if you could find ‘stock’ for free that you could sell for pounds to harvest the initial capital you need? Well you can!

Over a recent 30 day period I’ve been doing a little experiment…

I put myself in the position of a complete newbie who wanted to start an online business but had no capital whatsoever – not even £50! I did this because I wanted to see how easy it would be to raise money for my cause, just from bits and bobs I had lying around my home.

And here’s what happened…

As you can see, my total sales (including postage charges) on eBay from the sale of items that were no longer of any use to me was £955.42. Once I’d deducted all the fees and the postage charges I was left with a figure just shy of £600 – £594.53 to be precise!

How about that! So, I went from having zero seed money to £594 seed money in just 31 days. That’s a decent little investment towards the purchase of first time stock.

We’re not talking designer goods here either, nor brand new! This was just ‘stuff’ that was cluttering up my home unnecessarily! I sold unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, some old kitchen cupboard handles (yes really – they sold for £10.50) and an unopened washing line (don’t ask) and all it involved was creating titles and descriptions, taking decent photographs and then packing and dispatching once the funds arrived in PayPal.

Haven’t got time to rummage through the house looking for things to sell?

Make it fun. Involve children, partners, family or friends and you’ll have a pile of ‘stuff’ in a couple of hours – trust me!

Haven’t got time to create product descriptions? Forfeit watching the TV for a couple of evenings and I guarantee that will free up enough time for you to get your items photographed and listed.

Haven’t got time to pack items up? It takes around 3 minutes to pop an item into a mailing bag, add a label and packing slip and cellotape it all up!

Haven’t got time to get to the Post Office, queue and post items? Use My Hermes – they will collect from your door (for an extra charge) or you can drop off at their Parcel Shop locations from around 7am to 11pm.  And their prices are competitive.

No excuses.

There’s money literally sitting on the table that is yours for the taking. Whether you’re prepared to sacrifice just a little free time to access that money depends on you and how much you want your dream to become a reality!

I’ve proved it can be done. Now it’s your turn.

Good luck!