Stuck for product ideas? Here are 7 potential gardening items for you to consider

At the end of this month ‘National Gardening Week’ will be celebrated. It runs from the 30th April through to the 6th May and was launched seven years ago by the RHS to raise awareness of gardening and horticulture, and to encourage more people to take part in the healthy and productive outdoor activity of gardening. Since then it has grown into the country’s biggest celebration of gardening, so if you’re green fingered and fancy joining in you can see a list of events here.

So, as it’s been feeling a little like spring is finally in the air, this morning I decided to spend some time doing a little research into the ‘gardening niche’. I’m researching different products and niches all the time for The Source Report and so now seemed the perfect moment to see whether any interesting new products have popped up on the scene, and I thought I’d share a selection of my findings with you.

Gardening is a hobby that huge numbers of people enjoy and therefore has massive online selling potential. There are also many, many smaller sub-niches within the main gardening niche so plenty to investigate further. But what is up and coming in the gardening niche right now? I’ve chosen a variety of sub-niches as examples to give you some product ideas to get you thinking about potential items that you could research further if this is a niche that interests you.

The ‘Garden Gear’ sub-niche

More than 533 purchases have been made from one seller of an innovative three in one portable garden kneeler which is also a seat and a toolbox. This is an innovative product that is a step up from a standard garden kneeler, offers consumers that little bit extra and stands out from the competition.

On a similar theme, wellington boot pullers/removers are also popular. My advice is to go for a heavy duty stainless steel or quirky design model rather than plastic – you can charge more for luxury and quality.

Or what about ‘aerating shoes’! This genius product is made from plastic with spikes fixed underneath. You simply strap the shoe to your foot and walk your lawn to help get air and nutrients into the roots giving healthier grass!

Next, the ‘Garden Watering’ sub-niche

By digging deep into the sub-niches, I uncovered an automatic watering irrigation system. Currently climbing in popularity, unbranded versions sell for around £23 and so are definitely worth researching further. This is a great product to add further related products to – for example, single timers, connectors or extra pipes.

How about the ‘Garden Ornaments’ sub-niche

I have discovered that ‘metal filigree garden thermometers’ are popular – and very niche! Selling up to 4 per day at present these decorative items are a must have for the spring and summer months in anticipation of some warm weather!

In the same niche, ‘Solar Powered Colour Changing Garden Ball Lights’ should be considered. One seller is selling 2-3 sets per day already and as the season progresses sales will rise. Everyone likes a pretty garden in the spring and summer, so now is the perfect time to research these further.

Consider the Garden Hand Tools & Equipment sub-niche

Finally, one innovative seller is selling ‘ladies 2 in 1 pruner secateurs’. What’s the difference between men’s’ and ladies’ secateurs you might be asking? Well, absolutely nothing – except for the colour! Purple or Green rather than boring black or silver girls?

Seriously though, this is a simple way to target a very specific market. You might think you’re going to lose out by being very niche, but in fact it can work to your advantage as your keywords will be targeted and you will reach consumers who are actively searching for your exact product – therefore more likely to make the sale.

So, there you have 7 products, gleaned from a couple of hours research on eBay, that are potentially worth you pursuing further. Now it’s over to you. All of these products are increasing in sales daily and have huge sales potential over the coming months so your next step is to research the ones that interest you further and start narrowing down potential suppliers.

Don’t forget to do your supplier research thoroughly and order a sample of the product before you go ahead with a test order. Good luck and enjoy National Gardening Week!