Here’s an easy way to save time every day and benefit your online business too…
Today I want to talk about posting your eBay items, the reason being that one question I get asked a lot relates to the physical posting of your products, and that question is this:

“If I have lots of orders to dispatch, do I have to take them to the Post Office and queue up? Surely this takes ages? Isn’t it all very time consuming, not to mention annoying for the other people behind me in the Post Office queue?”

I know the question sounds simple – maybe even trivial – but it is a genuine concern for lots of people, and rightly so. Why start a business and then waste half your morning in a queue when you could be doing much more beneficial things?

Is there an easier way of posting your eBay items?

Firstly, I just want to say that, despite me giving you this tip today, you should always remember that you have as much right as anyone else to use the Post Office counter service – it doesn’t matter whether you have 1 parcel or 100 parcels – the service is there for everybody to use so please don’t worry about annoying other people. It’s not worth taking the trouble to even think about and if other people want to get in a huff then that’s their lookout not yours!

I’ve spent many a time in the past, holding the queue up, listening to the tuts and sighs coming from behind me. Personally, I let it all go over my head and that’s what you should do too.

Secondly you can actually completely avoid this whole silly scenario anyway!

How? By using online postage and more specifically by using Royal Mail’s Fast Drop service. Fast Drop is a relatively new service available when you sign up to Royal Mail’s Online Postage system that will help save you time at the Post Office when you turn up with all your orders!

You simply print your postage online then literally drop off your items at the dedicated Fast Drop counters within the Post office which saves you a whole heap of time!

There are loads of these Fast Drop branches around and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at just how many there are – especially bearing in mind that I live out in the sticks!

When I entered my post code here: I discovered that there are no less than 10 Fast Drop branches within a 5 mile radius of my house, so I’m spoilt for choice! Try putting your postcode in and seeing how many there are near you…

How does it work?

It’s simple! First you need to register for Royal Mail’s Online Postage:

It’s completely free to register – all you’ll pay is the price of the stamp as you would at the Post Office.

You weigh your parcels at home, make sure you select the ‘Fast Drop’ option and add your customers email address if you want them to receive email notification about their parcel (always handy), then print your postage and stick it on your parcels!

When you print your postage you’ll see a unique Fast Drop barcode has been printed on your mail item along with the delivery address – you simply attach the address information and barcode to your item then print off the handover form that lists all the items you are posting.

Then take your items and the form to your nearest Fast Drop Post Office. Hand everything over and your items will be scanned. You and the person you are sending the item to (if you’ve added their email address) will then receive an email confirming posting by 9am the next day.

How breathtakingly simple is that?

You must remember:

The Fast Drop post by date is always the end of the next working day after you’ve bought and printed your postage so you must make sure that you post everything within 24 hours. Also, Fast Drop branches have latest drop off times – you’ll need to check these at your local branch as times may vary.

You can use the Fast Drop service for 1st and 2nd class parcels that weigh over 100g but there are restrictions and you can’t use the service for the following:

  • 1st Class and 2nd Class letters, large letters and packets under 100g
  • Royal Mail services with enhanced compensation or consequential loss
  • All Parcelforce Worldwide services (except Parcelforce 48 single parcels)
  • Special Delivery Guaranteed Before 9am
  • Airsure parcels.

So generally you’ll find that this service covers your needs and as long as you are spending more than £2.99 on postage each time, you can either set up a pre-pay account or pay with your debit or credit card. Simple!

This service won’t cost you any extra – it will simply save you time so it’s worth registering and giving it a try: