Hot and bothered? Disinclined to work when the sun is shining outside?

I must admit, it’s so hot I’m almost a little bit with you on this one!

The suns out, it’s a novelty simply because we don’t often get an actual ‘summer’ here in the UK and being self-employed does give you a certain ‘flexibility’ to indulge in a spot of middle of the day sun-worshipping rather than getting scheduled tasks done.

The trouble is, whilst you’re lounging around in the 30 degree heat you’re not actually working and this could be detrimental to the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

“I’m sweating – I can’t work in this. I’ll go and sit outside with a cold drink.”

“The heat is making it impossible for me to concentrate. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Probably true, but what’s also true is that the longer you put something off, the harder it becomes to do it. I know it’s a massive effort when you’re staring out of the window at a garden bathed in bright sunlight, a light breeze swaying through the trees and a sky as blue as the Azores, but give into the call of the sun and you’ll find it difficult to get restarted and you’ll struggle to achieve your goals. I don’t want you to be that person.

Ooooh! I can hear the indignation now – “what’s wrong with enjoying the good weather? What a killjoy! This is what being self-employed is all about. If I want to take an impromptu week off, why shouldn’t I?”

Trust me, I’m not denying you some enjoyment in the sun, I’m just offering words of caution because I know how easy it is to be swept off on a tangent, making excuses for not making the effort and procrastinating for way to long.

What happens then is… precisely nothing. You don’t get started, you don’t move forward. Your business doesn’t grow.

Being self-employed is not only about the flexibility. It’s about discipline, determination, positivity and understanding that there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Many, many people give up because they ‘can’t be bothered’ and it all seems ‘just too hard’.

The sun may be shining but this is not an excuse to abandon your desk. Because what happens when you do? You lose momentum.

All that you do, all that you achieve – it’s all down to you because you are the one who is in control of your life. You can have outside help – be it a mentor, a teacher or just a friend to motivate you – but ultimately you are the one that will make things happen.


By all means get out and grab that Vitamin D whilst it’s around – but balance that with the discipline of working too.

Work for a few hours then take your lunch break outside sitting in the sun. If you don’t ‘do lunch’ set a timer so that you work through a set number of tasks and then reward yourself with 30 minutes in the garden.

This positive, disciplined and balanced mindset applies to everybody, in many different areas, including the resolve to start or build an online business. Over the past 12 years, I’ve encountered more procrastinators than ever before…

‘I haven’t got enough spare time.’

But I bet you’ve got spare time enough to spend looking at social media, making online purchases, texting friends, watching TV or going shopping?

‘I’m working full time, then having to cook dinner, tidy up and look after my family.’

Of course, and I totally understand that working and being a parent is challenging – I do both of these things myself. But meals get eaten and children go to bed eventually. A little bit of mess never killed anyone! Those after-hours could be used productively instead of wasted, sitting down hours watching Love Island!

‘I work away and can be in hotels or on the road for hours. There’s absolutely no way I can get a business off the ground.’

Hotel room, laptop, pen and notebook? Seriously! This is the perfect combination and an ideal opportunity to research ideas and get the basics up and running.

Mostly though, your success comes down to how much you really want it. Those who succeed, those who achieve, those who reach their goals all have several things in common.

They do the work.

They work smarter not harder.

They are not too proud to make or admit mistakes.

So, find the time, put in the effort, stop getting distracted and coming up with excuses. And when you are offered help, take it and learn from it.