Here’s how to potentially increase your eBay profits every time you list a product

I am quite a focused person and so when I set my sights on something, be it something I want to achieve in my life or something I want to own, it generally becomes my ‘mission’ until said mission has been satisfactorily achieved and I can put it to bed and move on to the next thing.

I think maybe I am also a control freak.

But seriously, I am not alone! Many, many people are just like me and have exactly this same kind of mindset. We live in an age of accessibility so if you want something and you want it now, the chances are that you can get it or at least start working towards getting it!

And this is particularly true for online buyers of things. Those who need a quick fix and won’t stop until they have found what they want, have ordered it and paid for it. Then they feel hugely proud of themselves for about 15 minutes until the excitement wears off and everything goes back to normal.

This is called ‘impulse buying’.

The ‘need to buy’ is in every single one of us

Online stores are the ideal place for impulse buyers to gather. Think about it. Easily accessible, open 24/7, a huge range of products and you can literally order on a Monday morning and have your purchase in your hands on Tuesday!

There are loads of people out there just like me (and probably you too) who, once they have decided they want something, it is their sole aim to find it and own it as quickly as possible.

These are the type of buyers that you really want to view your products online!

So long as you have what they want and you tell them every last tiny detail about this product, then they will buy from you.

And that’s why when you sell online – and particularly on eBay – your description is so important. As are your gallery images and your keywords.

eBay impulse buyers are ready to purchase! They have the power of PayPal funds or a credit card at their disposal so you need to make them want to purchase from you at the time when they are at their most vulnerable.

That probably sounds like a horrible thing to say but it’s true. You are not forcing people to buy from you – at the end of the day the buyers are the ones that actually complete the transaction and punch in their payment details – but you must make your product the most desirable thing on earth so that when an impulse buyer reaches your listing they simply can’t do anything other than buy.

They are already in the zone so you are halfway there, all you have to do is clarify that yes this is the perfect product for them and it’s exactly what they have been looking for.

Learn how to write a powerful, persuasive description for your product and get a good search position on eBay and you will see your sales rise whatever your product because you will be tapping into that plentiful supply of impulse buyers waiting for you.