There are so many websites in the world today that it can be difficult to find the right one for your requirement. With a multitude of different wholesale suppliers operating in different niches it’s hard to find those that are likely to provide you with the best service. One method that you can use to help you to discover which wholesale sites are the most popular and the most likely to provide the best deals is through the use of a web information company. These companies can let you know how well ranked a website is, how many links a site has to it and much, much more. The more successful a website, the more likely it is to be a top wholesaler compared to its rivals.

Different tools are available in different places, but today let’s consider one particular option called Alexa. As arguably the most popular free tool for discovering metrics about a vast range of websites, this is a good site to get familiar with.


What is Alexa?

Alexa was born back in 1996. Doesn’t sound too long ago but in the world of the web it’s a lifetime! In those days the system was run by having individuals download and install a toolbar that would run within their internet browser and monitor their usage online. All of the statistics pulled from all of the toolbars that all of the different users had installed would then be analysed and the statistics released on the World Wide Web. It’s essentially the same method that television viewing statistics are produced; some households are equipped with a device that lets a national statistical survey know what average viewing figures are like.

The operation of Alexa is much the same today and that does mean that the accuracy of the results isn’t 100% perfect as the information is taken from a cross section of individuals around the globe. Despite that the information is still valid and it’s still a fantastic way of ranking websites according to their popularity, helping you to pick out the top wholesalers that you could use to source cheap stock.

Alexa today is an enormous website, receiving over 6,000,000 visitors each and every month due to the information contained within being so relevant. Not only can you search for specific keywords to find related websites, but you can also search through categories, locations and even enter direct website addresses to discover how well your competitors are doing when it comes to the ranking of their website.

How to Search the Alexa Website

First things first, let’s consider searching the Alexa website for keywords. If you’re a retailer specialising in clothing then a relevant search term could be something along the lines of ‘Clothing Wholesale’.


This simple search returns a grand total of 3,122 different websites. It’s great to know that there are so many results out there, but in order to make the most of this knowledge you’ll need to know how to understand exactly what you see within the results.


Understanding Your Results

The first thing you might notice when looking at your results after an Alexa search is that there are quite a few adverts around. The top three results in the list, and all of the links on the right hand side are what’s known as Sponsored Links, so aren’t actual results. Having said that, it’s always worth a glance over the adverts found here as you may spot a wholesaler that you hadn’t previously considered or even heard of.

The next piece of information to consider is found right at the top of the results page. You should see a small arrow that allows you to drop down a section entitled ‘Search Analytics for Clothing Wholesale’.


The box on the left hand side provides information regarding the top five websites that receive the most traffic each time a person enters the word ‘clothing wholesale’ into a search engine such as Google. Already this information is interesting; there are four wholesalers operating within the fashion industry receiving a lot of website traffic.

The box on the right hand side provides information about those retailers that are paying to advertise for the key phrase ‘clothing wholesale’. Again, these websites are likely to be related to the clothing niche, and in fact one of the providers actually appears in both lists: the website, a global clothing wholesaler. If you weren’t sure where to start with finding a wholesale supplier then this is a good place to start looking.

Finally within the search results you will see some website specific information.


The information is split into three parts, the name of the website, the website’s global traffic rank and the keywords that the website will appear within search engines for. Rank information may not mean a lot if you’re looking at a very specific niche, but it’s interesting to see which websites are the most popular, and also to get a glance at the keywords which could instantly let you know whether a particular website is likely to stock the sort of items that you’re looking for.

Should you like to see any additional information on a website you can click the name of it to be taken to another screen where you’ll be able to see the rank of the website, the number of other websites linking to it (a higher number is likely to mean a more reputable website) and also an assortment of information about traffic to the side and even the audience of those looking at its pages.


If you’ve never had a look at the Alexa website then it’s worth having a search right now for wholesalers within your niche market. By comparing the various rankings along with other information such as the reputation of the website you’ll soon be able to narrow down your options to discover the very best wholesalers for the products that you want to sell.