It’s hard to say which part of your eBay listing is the most important. It’s the title that results in it being shown in initial search results, it’s the picture that could capture the initial attention, it’s the item specific information that gives some insight at a glance into what’s actually on offer. Everything has its part to play.

Personally though, I’m a big believer in taking some time out to craft really high quality listing descriptions for my own eBay sales pages. The description might not be the element that gets a visitor to your page, but it is the description that will make the sale for you.

You should think of your description as sales text. It needs to be gently persuasive to encourage your visitors to make a purchase from you, and that’s why you should include some emotional triggers in order to push a buyer in the right direction.

There are many emotional triggers that can help in making a sale, but here are a few that you could easily incorporate into your descriptions:

  • Making life that little bit easier – ensure that your buyers know that your product is easy to understand and to use.
  • Establishing your authority – letting your buyers know that you are an expert in your field, enabling them to feel comfortable accepting the information you provide.
  • Creating a connection with your buyers – if your buyers know that you have ‘been there and done that’ then they will be more inclined to buy from you. Make yourself relatable to your customers.
  • Specifying a time constraint – is it a limited time offer? Do you only have so much stock? A little time pressure goes a long way in making a sale.
  • Showing a benefit to others – feel free to shout about environmentally friendly products or any characteristics that could make life better for others.
  • Thinking about fear – if your product meets a real need then chances are your buyers will not want to miss out, you can capitalise on that fear by letting a person know they will regret passing up this opportunity.
  • Following the leader – people follow people! If you can show that others have purchased your product and found it useful that could help to persuade others.
Right, now you have an idea about the emotional triggers that can help to stir a response in your buyers it’s time to have a think about the general layout that your listing description should take. This is the template that I use in my very own descriptions, and you’re more than welcome to adapt it to your own needs. Heading – You can start including emotional triggers from the very start by putting together a heading that provides a reason for someone to buy, along with a time constraint or another emotional tug. Try making your heading larger than the bulk of the text in your description to attract the reader’s eye. Sub-Heading – Continue to build on what you started in the heading by bringing in a benefit or two of the product you have to offer, as well as suggesting a reason why the visitor should really keep reading. Positive Feedback – If you have been operating on eBay already then you should have some positive feedback that you can use to emphasise your excellence as an eBay seller. Just copy and paste the comments out and include them within your description. Don’t go crazy here, just two or three items of feedback can help to reassure a buyer at this early stage. Powerful Opening Sentence – This is the beginning of the bulk of your description and it should entice a viewer to want to read more by further emphasising the benefits of the product and building yet more curiosity as to what you are offering and how it can help your buyers. Your Story – Your opportunity to really connect with your readers comes here. Tell your own story that shows how you relate to your buyers, perhaps you too suffered from acne as a teen, maybe you also have a dog that won’t stop barking, maybe you have experience of dropping your keys in a river during a water sporting activity. The Solution – Now that you’ve let your readers know what the problem was you can introduce them to the solution that your product provides. This is your chance to let your readers know that all is not lost, that there is hope for their problem. Photographs – Along with the photograph that goes with your eBay listing I suggest adding images into the actual description aligned with your text. You can show off different angles of the product to let a buyer see a bit more detail. In order to insert pictures in this way you will need to use a bit of HTML code. More Feedback – It’s optional, but I’d suggest adding another testimonial or two here just to remind a buyer about your exceptional service. Bullet Point Wrap-Up – Sum up everything you’ve been talking about in some handy bullet points. Keep them brief, no more than one line, and make sure they emphasise the benefits that your product provides. Guarantee – Do you offer a guarantee for your customers? If so include the information about it here. If you provide a no-quibble policy allowing unsatisfied buyers to return the product if they aren’t happy then you should let your readers know so that they can feel added peace of mind. Call to Action – It’s your last chance to inspire a sale. Wrap up with a call to action that instructs your reader to make the order now so as not to miss out on what you are offering. You may wish to return to the list of emotional triggers to seal the deal. Terms & Conditions – Finally include a clear and concise table with your terms and conditions, including such information as payment options and shipping information. Follow this layout for your descriptions and before you know it you’ll be creating listings that visitors can’t help but order immediately.