We’re just about to hit those last few weeks where it’s absolutely vital that you have stock available and ready for the Christmas season whether you already sell online or are just starting up and are looking to cash in on the festive buying frenzy!

I’m currently working on The Source Report due out in December and it was whilst I was on my online travels researching products and sources for the issue that I found some little gems you really can sell this Christmas and which I’m going to share with you today.

Here are some seasonal items to sell this Christmas – if you’re quick!

When we think about the festive season and selling online, the first thing that often springs to mind are ‘gifts’ and more often than not we think of products that fall within the general ‘gift’ theme – I’m talking about perfumes, books, electronic items, toys, gadgets and so on (and if this is the way you want to go then please read my tips here), but there is also a great market out there at this time of year for that other festive staple – the Christmas party! And this comes in two main parts.

Part One – The Office Secret Santa

It’s a few years now since I’ve been part of one of these office rituals, having spent the last six years hosting a ‘Christmas Party for One’ (although to be fair sometimes the dog gatecrashed so I wasn’t entirely on my own) but when I was in my previous employment, this was perhaps (sadly) one of the big highlights of ‘Christmas In The Office’. I’m sure you know how it goes – everyone puts their names into a hat then takes turns at pulling out a name which they then must keep secret and buy a novelty Christmas gift for – usually for under a fiver. Said gift is then presented and opened during a ‘Secret Santa Ceremony’ during a very raucous night out about a week before Christmas.

The types of gifts that inevitably emerge during the evening are fun, novelty, completely useless and often embarrassing and get thrown around the table for a few hours and eventually get taken home, shoved in a cupboard never to be seen again! And guess what; there is a huge market for these types of gifts online – especially on eBay, so if you are a potential buyer of such gifts or you fancy selling them as a seasonal profit maker then here’s an idea where you can get them from:

For novelty (and often saucy) gifts try http://www.gifthouseinternational.co.uk From novelties such as ‘Facebook Junkie’ mugs – available for £1.95 at wholesale and selling on eBay for between £4.50 and £4.95 (Item number 140527929044) to The Bum Bank available for £4.60 at wholesale and selling for £10.49 on eBay (Item number 290616452243).

Part Two – The Christmas Party

Another niche that often gets overlooked when you are thinking about seasonal items is every girls (and sometimes boys!) absolute need for a special Christmas party outfit – now I know that the girls reading this will probably identify with this more so than the boys – but it’s a really big thing – looking your absolute best for that big night out. So, as an online seller don’t overlook the chance to get into the clothes, shoes and accessories niche here with some fabulous party outfits and accessories – and not just for the ladies either. I’m talking about dresses, clutch bags, blingy jewellery and sparkly shoes along with snazzy ties, cufflinks and bow ties for the men.

Take a look at this website for discounted high street clothing and accessories: http://www.qclothing.co.uk Here you’ll find branded clutch bags for £4.50 which are currently listed on eBay for £9.99 (Item number 130443534803), along with black party dresses selling for £5.00 each and listed on eBay for £10.75 (Item number 380341805479).

Or try this website for the men: http://www.cadogan-gifts.co.uk They have hundreds of cufflinks in stock including Christmas themes, novelty themes and more starting at just £3.50 per set.

These sites are just a few starting points for you if this seasonal niche interests you and you’ll find plenty more novelty gift ideas and seasonal party ideas online by doing a few quick searches – remember though that for reselling you haven’t got long to source and list your products so there’s no time to waste!