Well I have got a couple of very exciting weeks coming up!

Why do all the exciting things happen at once? Why can’t they be spread out throughout the year instead of all piling up on top of each other at the same time like they are all vying for attention?

Anyway, today I want to tell you what those exciting things are, so:

  1. In 8 days time it is my birthday (although I will be turning 40 which is a little bit scary)
  2. In 6 days time I will be launching my brand new step by step manual (not scary at all)
  3. In 23 days time it will be ‘Super Sunday’ – the day that Christmas online sales will take off
  4. In 46 days time it will be Christmas – hurray!
  5. So, let’s work backwards through that list!

46 days is just six and a half weeks – and we all know how fast the weeks fly by! So, first of all, whilst you still just about have time to get organised I want to give you some free information about product sourcing at this time of year. This is your last chance as we run into those last few weeks where it’s absolutely vital that you have stock available and ready for the Christmas season.

When you think about selling online during the festive season, the first thing that often springs to mind are ‘gifts’ and more often than not we think of products that fall within the general ‘gift’ theme – I’m talking about perfumes, books, electronic items, toys, gadgets and so on. But there is also a great market out there at this time of year for that other festive staple – the Christmas or New Years Eve party!

Now there are two main areas we can cover in this niche:

The Office ‘Secret Santa

I haven’t been part of this office ritual for a few years now but when I was in my previous employment this was one of the definite highlights of our ‘office Christmas’ – along with the stringy miniature Christmas tree and obligatory tin(s) of Quality Street that appeared directly after Halloween to ‘get us in the festive spirit’.

Please don’t deny that you know how it works! Everyone puts their names into a hat then takes turns at pulling out a name which they then must keep secret and buy a novelty Christmas gift for – usually for under a fiver. The gift is then presented and opened during a ‘Secret Santa Ceremony’ during a very raucous night out before the Christmas holidays.

The types of gifts that inevitably emerge during the evening are fun, novelty, completely useless and often embarrassing and get thrown around the table for a few hours and then get abandoned in the pub or left in the Taxi home. If they do make it home they are shoved in a cupboard never to be seen again!

And guess what; there is a huge market for these types of gifts online – especially on eBay, so if you are a potential buyer of such gifts or you fancy selling them as a seasonal profit maker then here’s an idea where you can get them from:

For novelty gifts try Gift House International. They stock novelties such as mugs – available from just 75p like this one to ‘Man Flu Mints’ at 95p and the Smokers Umbrella for £5.25, selling on eBay for £11.95 on eBay.

This is just a small selection, but they have hundreds of products available at competitive prices. Then there is of course…

The Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party

Another niche that often gets overlooked when you are thinking about seasonal items is every girls (and sometimes boys!) absolute need for a special Christmas party outfit – now I know that the girls reading this will probably identify with this more so than the boys – but it’s a really big thing – looking your absolute best for that big night out.

So, as an online seller please don’t overlook the chance to get into the clothes, shoes and accessories niche here with some fabulous party outfits and accessories – and not just for the ladies either. I’m talking about little black dresses, clutch bags, blingy jewellery and sparkly shoes along with snazzy ties, cufflinks and bow ties for the boys.

Take a look at this website for discounted high street clothing and accessories: QClothing. Here you’ll find the latest neon clutch bags (slight seconds) for just 49p each. These similar ones are currently listed on eBay for £10.99 each.

Plus these black party dresses selling from £7.00 each. You’ll find similar styles currently listed on eBay for £17.99.

Or try this website for the men Cadogan Gifts. They have hundreds of cufflinks in stock including Christmas and novelty themes starting at £3.50 per set.

These sites are just a few starting points for you if this seasonal niche interests you and you’ll find plenty more novelty gift ideas and seasonal party ideas online by doing a few quick searches – remember though that for reselling you haven’t got long to source and list your products so there’s no time to waste!

If wholesale products and sources like this are of interest to you, my membership site The Source Report is continually updated with exactly this kind of information – and more besides. You can take up my trial offer here

Now as we are working backwards, just a quick mention that in 23 days time (that’s Sunday 2nd December) it will be ‘Super Sunday’ – this is traditionally the first Sunday in December and is the day when online sales explode – or roughly translated it means that it’s the day when everyone goes “Oh $%@* it’s almost Christmas and I haven’t bought any presents yet. Quick I need to Google…”

So, you absolutely must be ready, with your stock all set up and listed beautifully by this date at the latest! You have been warned!

A Brand New Opportunity Soon to be Revealed

Ok, on to some extremely exciting news now and the imminent launch of my new manual. As I hinted at briefly at the beginning of today’s eletter, I will soon be offering you something rather special. Yes, I’ve been quietly working away on a new strategy that is perfect for you if you are a bit of an internet addict, if you love browsing online and hunting out bargains.

On Thursday 15th November I’ll be offering the opportunity for you to:

  • Do something you enjoy
  • Have great fun and earn extra cash whilst you do so
  • Run this business alongside any other online ventures you have already

My brand new strategy doesn’t involve:

  • Researching wholesale suppliers
  • Negotiating prices with businesses
  • Buying items in bulk lots
  • Importing goods from abroad

Are you intrigued? I hope so because with my help this is easy to implement and is great fun.

All will be revealed on Thursday 15th November so look out for an email winging its way to your inbox on that date.

And finally, in 8 days time it’s my 40th birthday. Eeeek!

Yes, I am leaving my 30’s behind which is quite a scary thing. However, I have absolutely no regrets and my 30’s have been a fantastic decade where I have learned so much. Business-wise, it was the decade when I discovered eBay, which in turn opened up a whole host of online selling opportunities for me. I discovered how to be successful and how to use my success to help other people do the same – and that’s good enough for me!

Here’s to the next decade which I will embrace and which I will enter, probably a little bit tipsy!