Finally, I’m famous! Well at least I am on YouTube… because I’ve now got my own dedicated eBay YouTube channel.

I’m burning the candle at both ends right now because I’m bang in the middle of some properly hardcore early morning and late night stints. I can’t even explain how excited I am about this because I’m creating something seriously big! Something that is completely new and something that I’ve never done before.

I’m talking about my brand new (and free!) YouTube Channel for Etail Hub. So, I’d like to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion this week. I think I’m entitled to as I don’t do this very often and it’s certainly not all one-sided because you will benefit too!

It’s been just over four months since my eBay YouTube Channel went live and it’s been so lovely to receive your comments and feedback so far. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming and if there is a specific topic you’d like to see me cover on here then please get in touch.

Right now you can benefit from a selection of videos that are waiting for you to view at your convenience, including:

eBay ‘Buy It Now’ selling tips: How to add multiple item variations to a listing. I will explain how you can add multiple variations of a single item to a ‘Buy It Now’ listing in eBay in this eBay Youtube tutorial here.

Profiting from eBay and Amazon: How to research hot products for resale. If you’re unsure how to find an in demand product to sell, I explain exactly how in this video here

eBay selling tips: How to use eBay’s Best Match system to source products for resale. In this eBay Youtube video I show you how easy it is to use information readily available on eBay to find hot products. You can find out for yourself here

Amazon selling tips: How to use Amazon Best Sellers lists to choose products. Use Amazon to help you sell on eBay? Sounds odd doesn’t it! But in this video I explain how Amazon can actually help you uncover hot sellers for eBay here

How to Add Hyperlinks to Your eBay Listings to Boost Buy It Now Sales. If you’re ready to try something a little more advanced to benefit from more sales, in this eBay Youtube video I show you how to do so using a very simple strategy. Watch it here

How Title Builder Can Boost Your eBay Rankings. Stuck for title keywords? I show you a great tool you can use for free to get great keyword ideas. Discover how to get your best keywords here

How to Use Watchcount to pinpoint popular products to sell on eBay. In this eBay Youtube video I explain how this free resource can help you research more hot products to sell on eBay. Find out how here

How to use templates and images to improve your eBay listings. eBay listings look far more professional if you use a template! If you’re on a budget you can improve your listings for free by following my simple instructions here

How to use Google Trends to find hot products to profit on eBay and Amazon. Make sure you’re one step ahead from your competition and always choose popular products using one website and a few easy clicks. I show you how here

Phew! I think that’s plenty for you to be getting on with for the moment and they are all ready for you to view now – please enjoy!