Making an impression and capturing consumers attention is more important than ever, but do you know how to put that into practice?

We all want more customers. Customers spend money and that means more profit. But you can’t simply magic them up out of thin air. Time must be spent engaging and nurturing to ensure new customers are captured for good, and with online businesses all fighting for the same customers, it’s important to have a strategy in place enabling you to win those customers over your competition.

So, if you would like more customers, please read on…

Optimize your eBay and Amazon listings to drive traffic

Drive traffic by using the most relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions and make sure you add links in to your shop or to other products you have listed. Item specifics are vital, so make sure you include all the unique identifiers when you’re listing to guarantee your products show up in searches both on the marketplace and in Google searches.

Get product reviews from industry influencers to spread the word

Industry influencers such as bloggers will often review your products and services and then create a write up on their blog. This is the perfect way to promote awareness of your brand for the price of a product! Research influencers in your niche and make contact – it’s as simple as that!

Make sure your website and product listings are mobile friendly

Your website should be easy to navigate and purchase from using a smartphone, so make sure you optimise for mobile when building your site. Mobile friendly payment methods are a priority to enable you to capture more customers, so choose PayPal and Apple Pay options to ensure ease of checkout.

Don’t overlook social media as a way of capturing customers

More and more people are buying having seen brands or products advertised on social media sites so it’s vital you have a presence. Don’t simply post product advertisements, offers and ‘Buy Now’ information – balance your posts with freebies, interesting content, ideas and tips and build a relationship with your readers.

Engage live with video streaming

Live streaming is big news! Facebook was one of the first to implement live video and now Twitter has followed. Streaming live can immediately capture customers and easily engage them. You can create product demonstrations, quick ‘news flashes’ or exclusive information live, projecting a feeling of excitement.

Use instant messaging apps for the personal touch

WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are instant ways of communicating with customers and capturing their attention on a one to one basis. You can provide super-fast responses to questions and queries so giving a superior service and potentially securing a sale on the spot.

Go international

Break out of the UK and promote your products worldwide. You can do this via eBay and Amazon, but you should also consider promoting your products on your website to a foreign audience to potentially capture more customers.

These 7 simple tactics are so straight-forward that you can literally set them in motion in just a couple of hours, yet start reaping the benefits straight away.