Ok, so we all know that selling online is lucrative – particularly at this time of year. But only when it’s implemented correctly. Yes, there is competition. Yes, new websites and products are popping up every day and yes there is no magic bullet!

And this is the very reason you need to make sure that your products stand out. So, today I’m going to give you two vital pieces of information that will help you improve your product listings and help you to keep on making those all important sales.

Number one: Be aware that great content is vital

Pull up your product listings and take a good, long, hard look at them. When was the last time you checked or tweaked your content? It’s very important that you revisit your listings regularly and look at them objectively and from a quality content perspective.

So, look at your content and ask yourself:

Have I explained the benefits of the product?

Have I explained the features of the product?

Is my copy well written and free from mistakes?

Are my paragraphs punchy and engaging?

Do my images show my product to its best advantage?

Your product description should be focused on the potential user. What you should be doing is showcasing your product but in a very subtle way that makes viewers want to purchase. So, for example, make sure your product is shown to solve a problem or is described as ‘simple to use’ or ‘easy to set up’. This is ‘user-focused’ and can be done by simply describing the features and benefits of the product.

Whilst long content is important, paragraphs should be kept short and punchy to avoid your viewer becoming overwhelmed with information or worse…bored! So, keep it relevant and to the point.

Add as many images as possible to showcase your product from all angles, and make sure your pictures are in focus and taken close up on plain backgrounds.

Number two: Minimize buyer objections immediately

When you are selling online – and in particular on eBay or Amazon, it’s important to build trust and confidence very quickly. Potential customers are understandably wary of newbie sellers which is why it’s vital that you minimize any perceived risk from the very start – preferably using the content that you put in front of your viewers.

The most effective way of mitigating risk is to include a very clear returns policy and money back guarantee for buyers. This actually eliminates any risk immediately and shows you as trustworthy. Buyers will have immediate confidence.

Although it may seem strange, it’s also best to head any drawbacks to the product off at the pass by simply mentioning them in your content. It’s far better to be open and honest and overcome an objection that may often be brought up rather than glossing over it. Again, this increases buyer confidence.

Now here’s the big one. Include elements of social proofing within your content and you are on to a winner when it comes to both trust and confidence! Good reviews, testimonials, social media comments – these can all be used effectively to prove and persuade potential buyers that your product is quality and your customers are happy.

If you haven’t looked at your content objectively in a while – make sure it’s a job you get done this weekend. It could make all the difference.