Have you ever wondered how some online sellers always seem to be ahead of the game? Always seem to have those hot products listed before anyone else? Seem to be able to judge the market and intuitively know what’s going to be in-demand well in advance? Wouldn’t it be great if you had time to research and source a product in advance so that when demand explodes you’re right there with the product that everyone wants, ready to give it to them?

Well, my ‘Hot Trend Alerts’ will help you become one of those sellers! As soon as I spot a hot trend I’ll let you know in advance so that if it were a product you would like to sell, you have a head start and can get going immediately. So let’s get started! Springtime is when the ‘garden’ part of ‘Home and Garden’ really picks up and sales get going so it’s good to be prepared for an upturn in orders with an in demand product. It won’t be long before we are all able to enjoy our gardens again after the gloom of the winter months. The home and garden niche is huge with sub-niches ranging from garden lighting to bird baths, fencing to fertilisers, plants and tools…I could go on because within those sub-niches are even more sub-sub-niches such as solar lights, bird houses, gates and water sprayers however the product I want to reveal today is… View Product Details