It always amazes me how many eBay sellers don’t bother trying to boost their eBay traffic and expand their sales simply by listing on other eBay sites. It’s really not difficult and will increase your traffic and sales many times over. In fact, this is probably one of the most effective ways to build traffic and sales.

You already have the key to boost your eBay traffic… use it!

Your eBay ID is universal which means that you can visit any eBay site in the world, log in and list your items for sale exactly as you would on eBay UK.

So to list an item on a Buy It Now listing you’ll need to go directly to the site that you want to list on and compose your listing description as you would normally on the UK site. This is the perfect way to get your products seen in other countries if you know there is a demand for that product.

Okay, so I said that listing on other eBay sites is easy, but there are a few things that you must get right in order to get the most out of it.

There is a downside to multiple site listings in that you will have to pay for each extra listing you add, so you need to ensure that you get things right and give yourself the best chance of making sales from your extra listings. It is important to remember that you must already have a hot product on your hands before you start to expand your listings to other eBay sites because the chances are that if it’s not selling well over here, sales won’t improve massively over there unless you are absolutely certain that your product is more in demand in certain countries compared to others!

So, once you are doing really well with a particular product on eBay UK it is time to look further afield and only then start listing on the other eBay sites. What you want to do is duplicate the amount of your current eBay UK sales so that you are literally doubling your profits, then when you add your listings to a third site, you are tripling your profits and so on.

Now, as an example, I did this recently and listed my products on the French eBay site… in French. This is key because although lots of buyers from around the world do look on eBay UK, some won’t because they can’t speak English and don’t understand the descriptions or they just prefer to buy from their own country’s site. So, in listing on the French eBay site in this way I had targeted the exact people that wanted my product. They wanted, they bought!

So, how did I manage to translate my listing in to French? I am not fluent in French – or any other language for that matter – my French skills consist of the basics and I can just about get by on holiday. The same goes for my German (although I can actually ask the way to the Railway Station in German, so that’s a bit more impressive!).

So, how will you translate your listings?

Well, if you know someone who is fluent then you could call upon their skills or you might even have the skill yourself. But if not there are several translation service options that will do the job for you such as which as the name suggests will translate your text for free – but beware, it’s a very rough translation and may not always make complete sense!

You can also try and advertise for a translator who you will pay to do the translation for you. Prices will vary if you use this method.

But what I really want to tell you about today is a new translation service offered through the App Centre. It’s a one hour translation service for your eBay listings and unsurprisingly it’s called ‘One Hour Translation’ and is available at

Once you visit the site, you’ll see you have the option to translate your listing either by human or by machine. Costs are minimal for the human version (which is likely to be much more accurate!) or you can get a free translation here:

And you can get an instant price quote for the paid version here:

This strategy is definitely worth testing out with one or two of your best selling products so that you can see just how well it will work for you, because remember that even if viewers in those other countries don’t buy the product you have listed there, they will almost certainly take a look at your eBay shop or view your other listings and may purchase one of your other products, so this is a great way to increase traffic AND overall sales at the same time.

Imagine if you had 10 products and each of those was listed on 4 different eBay sites – what an impact on your traffic and sales that would make!