You don’t always have to be a ‘big hitter’ to be successful!

You can make just as much money, and very often more money, by selling products in lesser known categories rather than the ones that the big boys go for. Journey South have conquered the niche that is South Africa and made a name for themselves – you can do the same – not by becoming a pair of singing brothers, but by selling really niche products such as ‘crochet hooks’ for example rather than thinking you need to try and break into the ‘plasma TV market – don’t knock it – crochet items are seriously hot products! No I’m not joking.

So, put another way, you might think that the only way that you can make lots of profit is to stock those sizzling red hot items that all the Powersellers and Top Rated Sellers on eBay are selling, but seriously, that’s not the right way to go about things.

The more ‘niche’ you are, the less competition you have and the more potential profit you can make.

But how do you find those hot niche products and do they really sell as successfully as the TV’s, iPod’s and iPad’s being peddled by some of the larger sellers online and on eBay especially?

Well, you can make a start by using my 7 easy steps. This is my own method that I use week in week out so I know it works!

7 Easy Steps to Success

Step 1: Choose a niche – let’s carry on the theme from earlier and choose ‘Crafts’.

Step 2: Go to eBay Pulse – and select ‘Crafts’ from the drop down menu (this is a niche)

Step 3: Select ‘Crochet’ from the subsequent drop down menu (this is a sub-niche)

Step 4: Take a look at the most ‘Popular Searches’ terms that are displayed

Step 5: Choose one search term and click through (I chose ‘crochet hook’ at number 4: this will bring up a selection of ‘crochet hooks’ for sale on eBay in order of ‘Best Match’ which is the default selection).

Step 6: Select the ‘Buy It Now’ tab at the top of the page to alter the results to BIN only

Step 7: Scroll down through the results and click into the listings to find the hot sellers

For example, listing number 200714925437 is showing sales of 578 at the time of writing and on average this equates to 5 or 6 sales every day.

You can conclude from this that sets of crochet hooks are hot sellers and may be worth looking at researching further – along with potential wholesale suppliers with a view to adding as a product to your own inventory.

Then you simply rinse and repeat with other related products or niches.

As you can imagine, crochet hooks are not exactly the type of product that you might first think of as being an item that is either hot or that you could start selling online and building a successful business on – but plenty of sellers are quietly getting on with selling in this niche, sitting in the background, making a comfortable living.

So remember, sometimes it’s the things that are going on in the background that are worth paying attention to!