This week I want to give you some information regarding eBay Shops because it’s a question that crops up quite frequently in my inbox – should you open an eBay shop, if so when and what are the advantages. So here we go…

Why You Need An eBay Shop…

A basic eBay shop will cost you £14.99 a month which is just 50p a day and can be set up fairly quickly – but why would you need a shop when your listings are already on the eBay site anyway? Well, if you want to seriously expand your eBay business and generate a lucrative part-time or full-time income than it is an important addition that you should seriously consider. I’ve outlined four reasons why below:

It’s All in the Name

Humans remember names! It’s a talent that we have and one that can be used to your advantage when you are creating your own eBay shop. If you can create a catchy name, provide excellent customer service and generally get people talking about you and your products then your buyers will come back to you because they will remember where to look! That’s a very simple strategy isn’t it!

On eBay they will either be able to search directly for your eBay shop by it’s name, or enter your unique URL (which will be allocated to your shop when you open it) straight into their browsers and be taken directly to your own shop pages. These repeat sales will help to maximise your eBay income, and this is definitely one of the biggest reasons why you should consider opening an eBay shop.

Creating a Custom Experience

Another advantage of having your own eBay shop is that you can customise its design and add your own logo. Again this helps buyers remember who you are and will entice repeat business. But not only that, visitors to your shop will really appreciate a well constructed page that stands out from the crowd. It’s exactly the same as you appreciating a well laid out and well presented shop on the high street – and a custom design will help increase your credibility.

Research and Reporting

Once you establish your own eBay shop you’ll get access to some pretty comprehensive sales reports provided by eBay. You’ll be able to see your monthly sales according to each category in which your items are listed, as well as how you are doing amongst rival sellers within the same niche market. This information will help you tailor your listings to reach your prospective buyers, as well as keeping tabs on your best selling items – very important when you are selling on eBay.

Stand up and Be Noticed!

An increase in sales is a natural advantage to having created an eBay shop. This is due to your increased exposure and therefore an increased level of traffic reaching each item that you list on eBay. What’s more, the more goods you sell and the greater the emphasis you place on customer service, the higher your feedback rating becomes. This positive feedback rating will in time, count towards you becoming a Powerseller and a Top Rated Seller and so it’s all extremely advantageous!

So, if you are considering opening an eBay shop then think about these advantages. Also, you may want to wait until you have two or three products before you open a shop simply so that you have more products to add and your shop looks enticing and ‘full’ from the minute you open it. Obviously your eBay shop will never be as great as if you designed your own website from scratch, but it’s a fantastic way to start and by adding your own logo’s and branding you can make it really stand out.