Selling items on eBay requires more than just having a few things you want to get rid of. If you want to be successful, even if you’re just aauction periodic seller on the popular online shopping site, you have to have some common sense and be observant  regarding policies and transactions on eBay. More often than not, it takes a couple of simple tweaks in how you’re selling your stuff on eBay to make the difference between a profit for you or a listing going without any sales.

Tip 1: Timing Matters

If you are running an auction listing what time you put an item up for sale may seem insignificant for novices. But if you’re smart, you should know that timing matters greatly when selling on eBay. The best time to end an auction is on Sunday nights, all time zones around the world considered if you intend to sell to International locations.

This is because more people relax and browse online shopping sites on the weekends, when they’re not too busy with work and school. Only die-hard eBay bidders and buyers usually check eBay on the weekdays, and these people are experts at thoroughly going over your items. Go for the 7-day listing, Sunday to Sunday, or if you want to prolong an item for more bids, the 10-day option, but start on a Wednesday. Compute the time differences so you maximize your item’s visibility everywhere.

Tip 2: The Title Matters

All eBay sellers who have long been in the business agree on this: the title is one of the two most important things when selling  on eBay. When browsers use the Search Tool to find certain items, they type in keywords, or most commonly-used phrases. Using keywords in your title is more likely to get you bids – but a word to the wise, don’t be too general and don’t be too fussy either. If you’re selling a CD by Sting, don’t just put “Music CD” in the title or your item will get buried under similar items on eBay. Add in the name of the album, the band or singer and the condition (new or used).

A good idea regarding items that may have variations when people search for it, like batteries. The ZR-200 battery may be searched for as “ZR200” or “ZR 200” too so it’s good to type in all of the possible variants on the name so that people will always find your item.

Tip 3: The Photo Matters

Always try to use the Gallery Photo options on eBay when listing items. Aside from the title, the photo is the other thing people immediately see, so maximize this by taking a clear, well-lit photo of the item. If it’s used, it’s recommended that you take photos from several angles so that buyers can see the item’s true condition plus you build credibility for yourself.

EBay has stock photos, but it’s not really advisable to use these. Thing is, a lot of sellers selling similar items will be using these, and you need to stand out. Stick to the basics though – if it’s a used book, take photos of the front, back and sides. For electronics, there’s no need to include close-ups of a camera’s lens or its many ports.

Selling on eBay can be a fun and lucrative experience if you know what you’re doing and can do it well!