Don’t let your mind sneak up on you and become your worst enemy. Control it! Here’s how…

I’ve got something a little different for you today due to an email I received from one of my E-Seller Mastery students this week that got me thinking.

Without going into too much detail, my student was a little concerned that he wasn’t able to complete one of the tasks I had set as homework because he couldn’t get to grips with one particular aspect of what was required.

This of course was easily sorted out in the end as I am always on hand for all my students to help them when they get stuck and to make sure they know what they are doing. However, the problem was that because he couldn’t achieve this one little thing that needed doing, he had begun to doubt himself. He sat and stewed on it until that little doubt grew into a much bigger doubt and his mind had sown a seed that sucked away all his confidence and belief in himself.

How many times has someone told you – you can do it?

Loads of times I’m sure. But our minds are complex and can often be our own worst enemies. It doesn’t matter how much someone tells you that you can do something, if you don’t believe it yourself then it’s more likely that you will fail…unless you catch that doubt and negativity in time and start believing in yourself.

What most people don’t realize is that before success can be realised, it must be visualised. Basically what this means is if you let your mind achieve it, you will achieve it.

A great example is… Disney World!

Walt Disney – everyone knows that this was a man who had amazing ideas about what he wanted to achieve. He envisioned The Magic Kingdom way, way before it was actually created. In his mind he had a vision of how successful it would be and how children around the world would love this magical land that he was going to create.

But Walt Disney sadly didn’t live to see the opening of his first theme park – he died in 1966 and it wasn’t until five years later in 1971 that the park opened. Walt Disney only ever saw it in his mind and that’s where every story of success starts.

So, how does this relate to you?

Well exactly the same logic can be applied to your own business, whether your business already exists or is simply an idea. Your mindset will determine how successful your business can be, and by visualising that success right now, at the outset, you increase the likelihood of it happening.

  • What is it you want to achieve?
  • Financial freedom?
  • Being your own boss?

Imagine these things happening to you. It’s the power of positive thinking.

How will it feel when you achieve it?

Imagine yourself at home, working the hours that you choose, having the freedom to pick your children up from school, the flexibility to attend their sports days and presentations without having to beg your boss for time off, working to establish the success of your own business and not someone else’s. ‘Thinking it’ is the first step towards seeing it happen, so don’t be afraid to visualise what success will be like.

You have permission to have a good old daydream for as long as you like!

Of course, it’s easy to tell you to “just think it” but that’s not the only thing you need to do. You’ll also need to grab hold of the part of your brain that is determined to make life difficult for you with its nasty negativity and retrain it because you need to be full to the brim with self-confidence, with motivation and with a passion for your business. You need to believe in what you’re doing, and get your subconscious to accept that.

Quite simply, once you have trained your mind you will find you have more belief in yourself and you will be able to take action and achieve success. Instead of homing in on one little blip that happens and struggling to find the motivation to continue, you’ll look forward to getting on, understanding and working towards your goal, which is of course success.

So, now this is all great but I am aware that I’m at risk here of sounding like a hypnotherapy CD – so it’s important that I explain how you can actually achieve this mindset?

Now take your brain for a workout

Think of your brain as just another part of your body that you need to exercise. It’s easy to go to the gym or go for a run to gain strength but now you need to exercise your mind in order to strengthen your mindset.

If you’re struggling to do that then try putting these three steps into practice.

1. Visualise your success

I’ve already talked about this and now it’s time to do it. Vow to start each day with just a couple of minutes of daydreaming about what your success will look and feel like. You can do this before you even get out of bed – in fact it should motivate you to get out of bed! And remember the point from earlier; before success can be realised it must be visualised. If you don’t visualise your success how can you work towards it?

2. Get rid of your mental barriers

We all have mental barriers that prevent us from achieving our goals. It could be a fear of failure, or a fear of being judged by those around us. Sometimes, and this may seem strange, it can even be a fear of success. These fears are all in your sub-conscious and whilst they might always be there in the background sniping away at you, that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them. Identify your fears and instead of dwelling on them concentrate on the positive feelings you get when you daydream about success. The more you do this, the more it will become second nature to start thinking of the positives even when a negative thought pops up.

3. Put a Plan in Place

One final thing that can really help with your success mindset is to put a plan in place to actually help you achieve it. Write down your goals and start working towards fulfilling them. There’s something incredibly motivational about ticking items off a list  – I rarely go a day without using some kind of list – but when that list is your path to success then that’s even more motivational!

So, each time you struggle with a negative thought, look at your list of goals and importantly look at the ones you have already achieved. This will keep you stepping towards your dreams – just like my student who is now well and truly back on track.

As always I wish you the best of success,